First Year Classes

    1st Term:  OT Survey, Foundations of Christian Character, Evangelism,
    English & Study Skills, Methods of Bible Study

    2nd Term: NT Survey, Genesis/Pentateuch, Effective Writing Turabian Style,
    Intro to Bible Study

    3rd Term:  Life of Christ, The Christian Family, AOG History & Doctrine,
    Intro to Christian Education

Second Year Classes

    1st Term: Hermeneutics, Acts, Church History, Pastoral Ministry,
    Homiletics I

    2nd Term: I & II Corinthians, Principles of Teaching, Ethics,
    Cross Cultural Communications

    3rd Term: Romans & Galatians, Homiletics II, Human Relations,
    God & His Revelations

Third Year Classes

    1st Term: Pastoral Epistles, Biblical Counseling, Man & Sin,
    Church Administration and Finance, Apologetics

    2nd Term: Daniel & Revelations, Spiritual Leadership, Christ & Salvation,
    World Religions & Cults

    3rd Term: Bible Elective, Church Ministry Elective, Life in the Spirit,
    Church & Its Mission